A lasting blend of abrasion-resistant fabric that repels the elements.

Refined Durability.

Woolenex is a tightly knit, versatile material woven from two different thicknesses of polyester fiber. By leveraging fibers with varying diameters, we accomplish a truly intentional fabric. The result is an unrivaled balance of lightweight, durable textile with beautiful color depth. This unique blend also repels the elements and resists wear, tear and fade over extended periods of use.

Lighter and stronger.

Woven from both 300D and 600D polyester, Woolenex retains a slim, lightweight form with the high-tensile strength of ballistic nylon—meaning you can use it consistently over extended lengths of time. Its resilient composition takes on any environment with excellent resistance to abrasions and shrinking.


Woolenex is made with a water-repellent top coating that resists rain, snow, sleet or mist. The coating also inhibits the growth of mold and mildew, as well as aids in preventing unwanted chemicals or residue from adhering to the fabric.